170010 Textile protector 500ml

Textile Protector

Prevent stains and enjoy your clean and stain free furniture for longer. Optimum protection for your furniture fabric.

Product Description

A textile protector which protects all kinds of textiles against accidents caused by water, oil or fat spillages. Makes fabrics invisibly stain-resistant and water-resistant.

Advice for use:

Only use in well ventilated areas, preferably outside. After application, continue to ventilate for 3 hours. Before use, test out in an inconspicuous place for colourfastness and resistance. Only compare after drying. If this is a used piece of furniture, clean it first with Cleantex. The wrong use can cause breathing problems or nausea.

Keep the aerosol upright and spray at approx. 20 – 30 cm in equal strips. Drying time: ± 12 hrs. Repeat treatment annually or after each cleaning. Keep out of reach of children.