Leather Care kit - Brushed Leather

Leather Care Kit Brushed Leather

The correct care and protection for velvety leather. The original appearance of your special and beautiful leather is kept.

Product Description

Sanded, brushed or velvety leather is a robust and natural leather type with a beautiful and warm appearance. To keep your leather beautiful and clean, the Leather Care Kit for Brushed Leather is an excellent choice.

This unique set contains high-quality and safe products for optimally protecting, nourishing and cleaning your leather. It protects against for instance damp, skin oil, sweat and dirt.

The care set contains:

– 500ml aerosol Leather Protector

– 500ml Vintage Lotion

– Nubuck sponge

– Cleaning cloth

Use the nubuck sponge for light, superficial dirt, as well as for brushing to keep/restore the velvety look. Make circular movements without putting too much pressure on the leather.